Happy #internationalwomensday everyone!

I'm so excited to celebrate such an important day with all of you.

Let's bake a Brownie #cakeinamug, sit back and get to know me a bit better ;)

Hi! I'm Valerie, CEO and founder of Simply Mix the world's first and only Instant Cake In a Mug mixes.

I'm a professional Pastry Chef with 17 years of experience working in bakeries around the world.

Ever since going vegan 11 years ago It's been my mission to create decadent cakes that would change the world's perception of #vegancakes.

Soon after, I discovered to be gluten intolerant and decided to create the most #revolutionary vegan and gluten free cake available on the market.

That's when Simply Mix #cakeinamug was born!

The first flavor was our #brownie cake in a mug, it took 7 trials in the microwave, 5 in the oven and a lot of cake eating in-between to get to the perfect recipe.

So worth it!

The other three flavors (Sprinkle, Pink Velvet and Chocolate Chip) followed soon after with more ease and having to eat less cake.

It has been my dream since I was a little kid to own my own cake company (I used to joke with my Mom that I was going to open a Brownie bakery with her!) and I am in awe with all I have achieved thus far.

I plan for Simply Mix to be owned and run by women, to launch my revolutionary and decadent Cake in a Mug mixes across stores in the UK as well as other countries and to be a voice of change and inspiration for all women who dream to have their own company.

Happy International Women's Day,

The future is female!

With Love,

Valerie CEO

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