Cake vs Cake in a Mug: a History of the Humble Mug Cake

While today, we take our vast selection of baked goods for granted. It was not so long ago that our predecessors were taking their first steps in the burgeoning Baking scene. So put on your cosiest jammies and grab a Cake in a Mug, coz I'm about to take you on a journey through time and space!

Early forms of Baking date back to Ancient Egypt. Their 'Cakes' were unleavened (didn't rise) and were mainly savoury, with some using honey as a sweetener. Jumping ahead to the 18th century, we see the use of Whipped Eggs, and the invention of Baking Soda and Powder to help Cakes rise as we see them do today.

But it wasn't all cream and jam for those 18th century Bakers. Their ovens burned Wood or Coal and it was very difficult to control the temperature.

Enter the Cake in a Mug!

Helpless Bakers would throw some left over batter in a Coffee Cup, and place it in the oven to test the temperature. At the time they called their creation a Cup-Cake. But little did they know that they had begun a Baking revolution that wouldn't come to completion for another 100 years!

1967 was a big year for the Cake in a Mug. It was the year the Microwave (nowadays known as the official Cake in a Mug oven) was invented! But it wasn't until the late 90s that Home Bakers around the world took to the newly formed internet and began sharing recipes, that the Cake in a mug really took off. These digital socialites are the latest pioneers of the Cake in a Mug, and are in no small part the reason that we exist today.

You see, the journey of the Cake in a Mug is especially exciting to us because it was never meant to be a Cake in its own right. It was originally used as a guinea pig, a test subject, but no Vegan can perpetuate such cruelty, even if it is towards a cake. So here we have it, Glorious Cake in a Mug Freedom!

I hope that you feel refreshed and inspired to join the many before you, by indulging in some delicious Cake in a Mug. Which you can buy right here -

Oh Cake that is of Mug

Your more ish flavour is like a hug

How did I live before you Mug?

I did not smile I did not hug

Then you came into my life

and washed away my worry and strife

For Cake was on the menu today

and nothing bad could come my way

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