Feature: HER-BIVORE - 9 Reasons to Support Vegan Small Businesses Right Now

Well it sure is an exciting time at Simply Mix right now! Yesterday we announced our first physical store listing (The Kensal Store) and today we annouce a small feature we recently recieved from the wonderful HER-BIVORE (A.K.A Amy Northwood)

The article from which this snippet comes from talk about the 9 reasons why we should be supporting Vegan Businesses right now. Amy makes several pertient points on the topic and has refreshed my own thought process when purchasing food.

It is more important than ever, that Vegans look out for the businesses that are looking out for them. The businesses who puruse a Vegan Lifestyle and Ethos not becuase it drives profit but becuase they care. These are the people who will always stick by us and we should be doing the same.

It is no secret that our community was growing rapidly before the current pandemic. However with panic in the air, many have returned to their old ways and soon we may see larger companies who aren't Vegan, start to reduce their Vegan ranges as demand dies down. At that point (if we will be lucky to still be here) Vegan Owned Businesses will be our only hope. So lets make sure that these businesses are still around!

Support Vegan Businesses by buying from Vegan Businesses

Here is a handy little list to get you going

Crazy Bean - Food Items from Vegan Owned Businesses - https://crazy-bean.com/

Care wears - Vegan Owned & Operated Fashion - https://www.carewears.co.uk/

Simply Mix - What What?! Yes! Chocolate CAKE YO! - https://www.simply-mix.com/product-page

The Vegan Kind - Online Vegan Supermarket - https://www.thevegankindsupermarket.com/

Take these links and go forth to spread the Vegan Love!

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