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Join our Simply Mix Family!

While we may not know all of you wonderful people just yet. We very much want to!

The Vegan Gluten Free Community is growing rapidly nowadays, and we want to play our part in bringing VGF products towards the mainstream.

We strongly believe in community and as such want to create a safe space for other VGF people to be able to talk about dietary issues, recipe recommendations, or just to vent when someone gives us problems for being the way we are.

So give us a follow and get in touch! We would love to get to know you and talk cake!

Drop us a line!

Communication is everything, and we want to hear from our Simply Mixers!

If you have an idea for a:

- New Flavour

- Collab

- Mashup

Or you just fancy a Vegan Gluten Free Chat!

Our Simply Mixers are at the heart of everything we do! That is right we are a company that listens! So let your voices be heard in our DMs and who knows you might even see your suggestions come to life in a Cake in a Mug!

To thank you wonderful people for Following us and Sending us a Message. We will be giving each one of you a code for 20% off!!! EPIC WIN!!!!!

Again it's all about community here at Simply Mix. We want you to kick back and enjoy some cake because just like everyone else, you deserve to.

(plus your cake takes much less time to make than a normal one, so you can be tucking into a delicious cake while your Omni housemate struggles with measuring flour..........

See you in the DMs......

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