Get that Choco Choco DRIP!!!!

I don't think that there is much in the world that compares to a Chocolate Drip is there? It some how combines the longing of Dali's famous melting clocks and the alluring siren call of a mermaid.

Wow I am really losing my head to this Chocolate Drip!!!

Now what I think is really fun about a Chocolate Drip is the fact that your food is now both on the inside and outside of the mug! Which, if you are like me, is great because no one will know what a messy eater you are! hahaahahah

But in all seriousness, there is nothing better than dragging your spoon strategically through a line of Chocolate Drip, bringing it to the lip of the mug, and diving into the warm gooey sponge that awaits below.

It resurfaces, a Chocolatey, melty, mess of a cake in a mug, ready to warm your very soul.

Lets get Chocolatey people!

So if you want to try this Chocolate Drip with your mug here here is what you will need:

  1. Some chocolate (make sure its that good good vegan gluten free kind)

  2. A piping bag (preferably a reusable one, we don't need more plastic waste)

  3. A Microwave (although you should probably have one already if you are a true Simply Mixer)

Now you'll want to start by melting your chocolate, but be careful too long and it will burn in the microwave (and there is nothing worse than anything burnt by a microwave). Go in 10 second increments and keep checking to see if it is melty, runny and smooth.

Once melted, its time to load up the piping bag!

Now how you put the drips on is EVERYTHING. Take your time and focus on how much pressure you are giving the piping bag.

Start piping the rim of the mug, when you see drips forming you can begin to add more melted chocolate in those spots to help the drip get longer.

And there you have it! Wether you have succeed in making perfect drip, or you have ended up with a chocolatey drool it is time to dig in and get messy! Enjoy your cake!!!

Chocolate Drip

You have such a grip

On my cravings, my wants, my dreams

If it could be

That you would come to me

I would smile for ever more

So come, oh come

Dear Chocolatey goodness

I need you to be near

For my heart sure does want you

And my soul it does too

So come back to my life once more

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