Happy Sunday everyone!

Today's blog post is all about that #staple #sundaydish that brings us all together:


As an american, my sundays wouldn't be complete without this staple #weekend dish: pancakes.

Some times I have them for breakfast and other times for brunch -who doesn't love sweet and savory pancakes am I right?!.

Today I want to share with you guys our super easy #instant brownie pancakes (yes that's right!) because we all need some sweetness in our lives.

Pictured up @simplymixuk Brownie pancakes with home made cashew cream and strawberries.

Start your #sunday right with Simply Mix brownie #pancakes!


Did you know you can create #droolworthy pancakes with our Cake In A Mug Mixes??

To make them you'll need:

🥞2X Brownie Cake In A Mug mixes

🥞Some Fresh Strawberries

🥞1 cup of Cashews (soaked)

🥞1/4 cup Maple Syrup


Mix 2 packs of Brownie cake in a mug in a bowl and mix until smooth. While your pan heats up (medium flame) start preparing your #cashewcream by adding them to your blender with maple syrup and 1 cup of water.

Blend until smooth and creamy.

Once your pancakes are ready, stack 'em all up and pour over the cream+ add as many strawberries as you like🍓

Grab our #freefromuary 20%OFF discount and give our recipe a try! Let us know how much you liked it!

It definitely made my Sunday better and helped forget about the weather outside☺️

Have a banging' Sunday everyone!

With Love,


Simply Mix

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