@little.fighting.tal Giveaway Ends Tomorrow!


That is right ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, we are back with another giveaway, this time graciously hosted by @little.fighting.tal!

We love our Giveaways, they give us a chance to get to know our wonderful Simply Mixers even better and to welcome lots more Simply Mixers!

We believe that getting to know our Simply Mixers is the key to our success. Simply Mix is a company for the people (well Vegan & Coeliac people ;P). As such we listen very carefully to what our Simply Mixers are missing in their lives. Because we know that when you are VGF life ain't always a piece of cake, well I guess now it is.......

So let's talk about why we teamed up with @little.fighting.tal. Being an ethically motivated company we choose who we work with very carefully. We understand that no matter what it is we are doing, we have a choice to do some good or to continue toeing the line.

Tal may not be Vegan nor Coeliac, but it is her positive attitude towards food and Mental Stability that inspired us to work with her. Many of us (either Vegans or Coeliacs) have faced Mental discomfort, be it from ignorant people who know no better or people with malicious intent.

Tal is a glowing voice of positivity, wearing her heart on her sleeve and helping us all find a bit of stability and calm in her captivating images and mind calming words. Thank you for spreading positivity Tal!

She'll get your mind right

your thoughts tight

When it comes to food

She makes it all right

Cookies and Cake

Are the order of the day

So get your munch on

That's what Little Fighting Tal would say......

At least I think so, it would be probably best to ask @little.fighting.tal herself though....

#glutenfree #coeliac #celiac #glutenfreelife #glutenfreevegan

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