Pretzel Fever!

It is always nice to revisit a classic and for Simply Mix the Pretzel Brownie Cake in a Mug is definitely a classic! The crunch of the Pretzel against the soft pillowy feel of the Brownie. The salty savoury colliding with the decadent chocolate. It is a combination for the ages!

But is the pretzel gluten free?! I hear you ask. I can gladly tell you that thanks to @scharglutenfreeuk they are indeed Gluten Free (and as a bonus Vegan!)

We are big fans of Schar and all the amazing foods they have made Gluten Free. TBH without them I think the Gluten Free world would be a whole load smaller!

So thank you Schar for helping us make this Cake in a Mug EPIC!

As far as a recipe goes I will tell you this.

Just as with almost all our recipes this one is dead simple!

You have a choice: Do you want Pretzels in the sponge or only on top?

If you answered the latter then you are good to go, just prepare you Brownie Cake in a Mug as usual and add as many pretzels on top as you like. However, if you answered the former then you are really in for a treat! Once you have mixed the batter, break up a few pieces of Pretzel and stir them into the batter. Then sprinkle the Chocolate Chips and Micro-Bake as normal.

I told you it was simple, after all we are @simplymixuk ;)

I told you it was easy

It really isn't hard

To customise your mug cake

And not cook it till it's charred

For our recipe is simple

And so is our name

With our Cake in a Mug Mix

You will rise to fame

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