Happy #friyay everyone!

What's a #birthday #weekend without cake?! Sad, if you ask me!

Ever since I was little my Mom would always make me two cakes for my birthday ( mostly because I could'n choose one flavor so she would grant me a second LOL, pretty amazing right!) and one of the flavors HAD to be #sprinklecake (with extra sprinkles inside and out obviously).

This weekend we bring you our own version of a #birthday #cake made with our Sprinkle flavor.

We made it extra festive by creating a mini Cake in a Mug layer cake with vanilla buttercream, strawberry jam and a cherry on top.

Who wants this delightful treat this weekend!!

Tuck into our Sprinkle Birthday cake this weekend and celebrate with @simplymixuk!

All our Cake in a Mug mixes are certified vegan, gluten free, nut free and additive free. The perfect option for all #special occasions!

Head over to our website @simplymixuk to learn more about our #revolutionary instant Cake in a Mug mixes and if you're not sure how to customize them, check out our blog and instagram page for inspiration!

Enjoy your @simplymixuk #cakemoment!

With Love,


Simply Mix

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