Recipe Inspo: Black Forrest Brownie

You WHAT?!

Honestly when I first laid eyes on this magnificent creation, I could hardly even believe that it is one of our Cake in a Mug Mixes!

But here it is Black Forrest Brownie in a Mug!!!!!!

So So SOSO OSOSOSOSSOSOSOSO yummy and relatively easy to make it, it is the ultimate in instant decadent treats!

When was the last time you even saw a Vegan Gluten Free Black Forrest Gâteaux? Let alone this epicly instant master piece!

Make sure to check out our next post for the recipe!!!!!

Vegan Gluten Free Black Forrest Brownie in a Mug

Whether you eat it as one giant cake or 2 mini cakes this is probably one of the most decadent and delicious customisations we have ever done!!!

You will need:

1 x Brownie Cake in a Mug

1 x Vanilla Buttercream

2 x Maraschino Cherries

2 tbsp x Cherry Jam


- Prepare your Brownie Cake in a Mug as per the instructions

- Let cool for 4 mins once cooked and then place in the fridge for 15 mins

- To remove the cake from the mug, take a knife and cut around the sides of the Cake, then gently shake the mug until the cake comes out

- Cut the Cake into 2 pieces

- On each piece add a ring of Buttercream, a tbsp of Cherry Jam and a Maraschino Cherry

All that is left to do is put the pieces back together and you have a towering instant Vegan Gluten Free Black Forrest Brownie in a Mug!

Welcome to the show

We have Black Forrest Gateux

But it is not as you usually know

For this cake is instant

And robust in itself

Its so dang delicious

and its pretty good for your health

So give the recipe a try

It won't make you cry

Because we are Simply Mix

We give you the tricks ;)

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