Recipe Inspo: Caramel Pop Corn Brownie

Yaaaaaassssss! This American Inspired Deliciousness is just too much to handle!

So yeah, i know what you are thinking. Pop corn, really isn't the first thing you would think to add to a cake, but let me tell you, you have been missing out!!!!!

Omg just too good, it adds this subtle crunch while the Caramel just does its caramely thing, warming the cockles of my heart.

Suffice to say that this cake was demolished very shortly after being photographed for your viewing pleasure! If you would like to make this amazing mug cake then check out our next post for the recipe!

Vegan Gluten Free Caramel Pop Corn Brownie Cake in a Mug

Get ready for the yummiest most comforting Mug Cake you've ever had!

You will need:

1 x @simplymixuk Brownie Cake in a Mug Mix

1 x Bag Pop Corn

1 x Pot of Treacle


- Start by warming 100ml of Treacle in a pan (you will want to let the treacle reduce to create the 'caramel')

- Mix the Wet & Dry Packs in a Mug until smooth

- Sprinkle those Chocolate Chips

- Micro-Bake for 1:40 min @ 800w

- Once cooled, add as much Pop Corn as you like

- Pour your Caramel Sauce over the cake and watch your heart melt.

Now tuck in and enjoy, seriously ENJOY!

Pop Corn Caramel

It makes such a lovely smell

I put on my Brownie

So that I would not be frowny





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