Recipe Inspo: Sticky Toffee Brownie!

Gather around Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages the #greatbritishsummer is now complete for we have taken #stickytoffeepudding to new heights of deliciousness with our #stickytoffeebrownie!!!!!

A staple dessert for many of us growing up the humble Sticky Toffee Pudding has been of great comfort to so many of us Brits. Whether enjoyed after a pub lunch or a school dinner, the Sticky Toffee Pudding just made everything in life feel right.

And this is the first one I have gotten to demolish since I became VGF, which as i'm sure many of you know is a big deal.

Anyway if you want to make this delicious treat for yourself checkout the recipe in our next post!

Vegan Gluten Free Sticky Toffee Brownie Cake in a Mug

Oh my days YES! Not since the first Royal Wedding (William & Kate's, yes i know it wasn't the first Royal Wedding ever) has the nation been this frenzied!

Ok well that is how i feel at least.

Here is the recipe!

You will need:

1 x Brownie Cake in a Mug Mix

1 tbsp x Black Treacle

50g x unsalted butter (VG)

225ml x double cream (VGF)

175g x Coconut sugar


- Prepare your Brownie Cake in a Mug as usual

- Once cooled for 2-3 mins place in the fridge for 15 mins

- Combine the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and whisk together

- Transfer the mixture to a small pan and reduce until thick and sticky

- Take your Cake in a Mug out of the fridge and with a knife, cut around the edges.

- Now you can gently shake the mug until the cake comes out in 1 piece!

- Let the Toffee mixture cool a moment and then pour it over your cake!

Sticky Toffee Brownie

A combo that has wowed me

I always did love Brownie

But now Sticky Toffee's found me

So i'll drip so sticky

So sweet and so nice

That the Sticky Toffee becomes a part of me

Coz it's Sticky Toffee for LIFE!

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