Recipe: Jammy Biscuit Funfetti Cake in a Mug


It's Jammy Biscuit Funfetti Cake in a Mug!

Today's recipe inspiration combines the classic British Jam Biscuit with our Funfetti Cake in a Mug. I've been waiting to do this mash up since we started our recipe inspo posts. As a kid I had 3 favourite biscuits (bring British, biscuits are a very important part of our culture), Bourbon Creams, Digestives and Jammy Dodgers!!!!!

Now since going VGF those have been off the menu, but thanks to the lovely people at Co-Op you can now get VGF Jammy Biscuits!!!!!!!!! Isn't that just life?!

Check out our next post to find out how we made our Jammy Biscuit Cake in a Mug Mash Up!!!

Jammy Biscuit Funfetti Cake in a Mug

Here is how you Bake it!

You will need:

2 x Jammy Biscuits (VGF)

1 x Funfetti Cake in a Mug


  1. Break up one of the Biscuits into 4-6 pieces

  2. Mix your Wet & Dry Ingredients from the Funfetti Cake in a Mug

  3. Mix the broken Biscuit pieces into the batter

  4. Micro-Bake as per the instructions that came with your pack

  5. Meanwhile, break the 2nd Biscuit into 4 pieces (to decorate the cake)

And there you have it! An epic, jammy, biscuity, cakey Vegan Gluten Free DREAM OF A CAKE!!!!!!


Jammy Whammy

It's so yammy!

I want it in my belly

To make it shake like jelly

Just shake shake

your micro-bake

yeah shake it!

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