Recipe: Ooo Cherry Baby Funfetti Cake in a Mug

That is right we are back with another summery, fruity concoction to get you salivating all over your phone!!!

I (Laurent) grew up in England, and summer always mean CHERRIES!!!! Their deep colour, their scrumptious taste and that texture!!!! It is something I would dream about all year long!

And using Cherries as a topping is even better!!!!

It kind of reminds me of those chewing gums we had here when I was younger. They always came in a fruit flavor and had a burst of juice in the middle!

Every bite of this Cherry Topped Funfetti Cake in a Mug, brings forth a burst of flavour, a melange of sweet,sublte vanilla with the juicy tang of the Cherry. A truly lethal match for anyone who wasn't planning on consuming the entire Cake in a Mug by themselves. Believe me I know, it happened to me, Val was not impressed that there wasn't any left over......

So go on give it a try and get your cherry on!

Did you know - #cherryfacts

Cherries have been enjoyed by humans since the Stone Age! I guess thats why they call it a stone fruit......?

The earliest recorded instance of a cherry was by Greek author Theophrastus, who inventoried the fruit in hisHistory of Plants in 300 BCE!

However, it was Roman Soliders who began to spread Cherries throughout Europe. Given to the Soldiers as a part of their rations, Cherry pits were routinely discarded throughout the empire leading to the phrase - "that to find the old Roman roads, all one had to do was follow the wild cherry trees."

Oh but you know I saved the best for last! There are over 1000 varieties of Cherries!!!

There a probably less varieties of Humans than Cherries it feels!

So there you have it you have been Che-ducated........

Cherries cherries atop a cake

You go so well with our


Your taste so tangy and sweet and sour

You go amazing with our Gluten Free Flour

So stand tall cherries, when you are atop our cakes

Because you are making people happy

that they hardly have to bake ;)

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