Recipe: Raspberry Brownie Cake in a Mug

Raspberries are truly a wonder. Their shape, taste and texture are incredibly unique and when paired with chocolate.....oh man the salivating has begun. I'm going to go on a little tangent here so feel free to skip ahead if I end up droning on. These recipe posts are giving me serious rumblies in my tum tum. In all honesty I figured that by being the author of such a post I wouldn't suffer the crippling stomach yearnings that I usually experience when reading a recipe blog. But hey here we are, just post breakfast, and I am starving again!

Anyway, whether you pop your Raspberries on top as a fresh garnish, or mix them into the sponge for a decadent warm Raspberry sauce effect, you simply cannot go wrong adding these berries to your Cake in a Mug.

Now while we did choose to do this with our Brownie flavoured Cake in a Mug, it would go just as well with Funfetti, and might even give the sponge a bit of a pink colour (if you are into that).

Raspberries are packed with all sorts of nutritious elements, making them the perfect healthy addition to your Cake in a Mug.

They are a great source of fibre, packing 8 grams per 1-cup (123-gram) serving, or 32% and 21% of the RDI for women and men, respectively.

They provide more than half of the RDI for vitamin C, a water-soluble nutrient essential for immune function and iron absorption.

Raspberries also contain small amounts of Vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, calcium and zinc.

Raspberries are also high in several powerful antioxidant compounds, including vitamin C, quercetin and ellagic acid.

Compared to other berries, raspberries have a similar antioxidant content as strawberries, but only half as much as blackberries and a quarter as much as blueberries.

And now for a Raspberry poem, are ya ready?!


Full of Vitamins, Minerals and more

You are a health kick like no other

Your flavour robust, your texture

so soft, my face with you I shall smother

A top a cake, either Brownie or Funfetti

You make me excited, you make me sweaty........

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