Recipe: Vegan Gluten Free Buttercream Tulips

Vegan Gluten Free Buttercream Tulips!

Oh my goodness! Have you ever seen such a beautiful Cake in a Mug?!

As with all of our Cake in a Mugs, these tulips are thanks to the inspiration and talents of Val!

For those of you who don't know us too well, Val is the baking talent behind Simply Mix. Before we started Simply Mix we also ran a VGF Bakery and Buttercream Flowers were always Val's favourites to make. It is so nice to see her passion for piping back in action in these photos.

Who would you gift these incredible edible Tulips to?

They really would make such a beautiful gift, plus it gives the Bees more flowers to work with (double win!).

We have shared a lot of recipes over the last few months but I think this is probably the first one that has a degree of difficulty to it. As such if any of you Simply Mixers are interested in learning to make your own Buttercream Flowers, let us know in the comments, and Val will make a tutorial!

Petals so silky

So Creamy and Light

A top a Mug Cake

Their aura shines bright

They're Vegan and Tasty

And invoke delight

They're even Gluten Free

Because to eat cake

Is a right!

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