Recipe: Vegan Gluten Free Shortbread Funfetti Cake in a Mug

Ok let's get one thing straight. As a person who has grown up in England, Shortbread is one of those things that just makes me not just say, but also feel MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Honestly, that's that only way I can describe this feeling.

But when I went Vegan I gave up hope on such a delicious treat. And then when I had to go Gluten Free too I was certain i'd never get to eat my beloved shortbread again.......

Enter Co-op! These beautiful people have really stepped up their Vegan and Gluten Free options as of late and these VGF Shortbread biscuits are amazing!

They are so so yummy on top of the cake but even yummier inside!

Check out our next post to see the recipe!

Vegan Gluten Free Shortbread Funfetti Cake in a Mug Recipe

OK so by this point you should know how obsessed with Shortbread I am (if not see the previous post). So you know that this post might get a little squirly considering my lust for Shortbread.

Here goes....

You will need:

1 x Funfetti Cake in a Mug

1 x pack of VGF Shortbread (we got ours from the Co-op)


- Mix the wet and dry packs to make the batter

- Take 1 Biscuit and break into Quarters, throw into the batter

- Sprinkle TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEE (add the sprinkles)

- Micro-Bake for 2:20 @ 800w

- Watch the microwave like a mad professor, take in that intoxicating aromas

- DINGGGGG ok now be careful it is soooooo hot! Let it cool while you give yourself a nice facial steam with the heat of the cake.

- Add some more biscuits on top if you are Shortbread mad like me ;)

- Why did I make you buy a whole box of biscuits if you only need 1 or 2? So that you can thank me for getting you to buy those biscuits because those biscuits are everything! And as im writing this I keep saying biscuits like that mafia koala from the biscuit commercials a few years back, anyone remember that?

There once was a man named Fred

Who really loved Shortbread

He fell on his head, and was soon to be Wed

To his biscuity wife Shortbread

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