Recipe: Vegan Gluten Free Victoria Sponge #cakenude

Oh my oh my Viccy! You are so #nude!

That is right we are back with more insanely delicious #cakenudes. Today we have the classic British Summer treat - the Victoria Sponge!

With summer coming to an end this is a perfect go to, satisfying those summer and GBB cravings all in one go!

We did go a little non-traditional with this Viccy Sponge by adding a Maraschino Cherry on top instead of the classic Strawberry, though this was only because we didn't have any Strawberries. I know I too am ashamed, they almost took my British passport for such sacrilege but hey here we are ;)

Check out the next post for the recipe!

Vegan Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

Yaaaaaay the greatest British Cake Recipe of all time!

Ok fine that might be rather debatable but for the purposes of this post it is!

You will need:

1 Funfetti Cake in a Mug Mix

2 tbsp Strawberry Jam

1 Strawberry (or other berry if you are without like we were)

5 tbsp Vegan Vanilla Buttercream


- Start by making your Funfetti Cake in a Mug as usual

- Once it has cooled a bit, put it in the fridge for 15 mins (this makes it easier to get the cake out of the mug)

- To take the cake out of the mug, use a butter knife and then gently tip the mug over until the cake slides out.

- Cut into 2 Halves

- On the bottom half pipe a circle of Buttercream and put 1tbsp of Jam in the centre

- Add the top and repeat the same process, adding the Strawberry on top once you are done ;)

Enjoy the British deliciousness!

Viccy Viccy

You are a favourite to those who are picky

One would think that would make you tricky

But thankfully at worst you make us sticky

And now i'll end this poem, making it a quicky ;)

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