Review: Eats By Holly digs into our Brownie Cake in a Mug

This is a really exciting one, ladies and gentle beans! Holly of @eatsbyholl has gotten very creative with her Cake in a Mug and added Salted Caramel!!!!!!!

We have been chatting with the Holly for a while now and aside from being an all around lovely person, she is a fantastic GF Blogger! Holly makes a range of incredible Gluten Free dishes that make you slobber all over like a bear in heat! Which means our Cake in a Mug looks right at home on her feed ;)

While getting to know one and other, we began talking about how to personalise our Cake in a Mug Mixes. Customisation has always been at the heart of our Cake in a Mug Mixes and it is what truly brings the cake to life!

Holly went with a square of Salted Caramel Chocolate in the middle of her batter, and oh my did it melt perfectly!!!!!

I don't think I've ever made such a gooey, chocolatey kind of treat!

And for that we deeply thank you, Holly! You have shown us the way!

If you haven't already see the review on Holly's page then here is a snippet for you:

"The cake itself was so nice with a lovely rich chocolate flavour. It was lovely and soft and not dry at all and had a delicious gooey centre"

Make sure you follow EATSBYHOLL and check out her incredibly mouth water feed!

Salted Caramel

Atop a Cake

A most tantalising treat

to find on your bake

It makes it gooey and creamy

like never before

and when I first saw this photo

my jaw hit the floor

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