Review: Gluten Free Anna (@anna_theglutenfreestudent)

One of the things that we value most at Simply Mix is hearing from our community. The amazing Coeliacs and Vegans that make Simply Mix possible.

It is our belief that there is no company if it doesn't listen to its patrons, and in that spirit we welcome all comments, good or bad. It is an opportunity for us to grow as a company and above all else (if we aren't already) give the people what they want!

Anna, a student at the University of Sutton, has a bustling Insta page full of Gluten Free goodies. There you can find recipes and reviews for everything from Boob Cupcakes to VGF Pancakes

She was kind enough to give us an amazing review on her page, which we definitely recommend you go and check out! - The Review

However if you find yourself wanting to stick around here you are welcome to check out part of the review right here:

And in honour of Anna's wonderful review of our Brownie Cake in a Mug I would like to dedicate this poem to her.

She's got food for days

Recipes for weeks

It's all Gluten Free

So come get her Treats

You won't leave hungry

For your eyes they will feast

On Gluten Free Anna's Creations

Some of which, use yeast...........

Yes i know, but feast is not the easiest word to rhyme so... there you have it!

Once again a big thank you to Gluten Free Anna for her stellar review of our Brownie Cake in a Mug!

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