Review: @glutenanddairy_3 reviews her giveaway winnings!

One of my favourite part of running this company is getting to know our VGF community. We all have so much in common and very much understand how tough it can be to eat the way we do. But we also recognise the fact that there is no need for VGF to taste terrible, that is up to the company producing it!

We have had the pleasure of getting to know Charlotte over the last couple of weeks and it was awesome to see her win @jordscoeliacjourneys' Cake in a Mug giveaway!

Like us Charlotte is a cat parent and her choice of mug in the next post shows this off perfectly!!!!

Well the mug says it all doesn't it!

But here are some of Charlotte's words: "This is @simplymixuk brownie cake in a mug (in my favourite mug of course). The mix is gluten free and vegan, it tastes soooo good and is super easy to make, if you haven’t tried it I highly recommend - it was better than I even hoped it would be. I topped with @boojabooja DF vanilla icecream which went perfectly with it"

Charlotte you won our cake

and now it's time to bake

So grab your favourite Mug

and give your spoon a hug

Becuase its time for CAKE IN A MUGGGGGG!!!!!!

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