Review: @kasiasplate Goes from Mug to Bowl with her Cake in a Mug!

We have had the pleasure of getting to know Kasia over the last month or so. She is a very accomplished Gluten & Dairy Free Food blogger, perfect for all your Vegan/Coeliac needs!

Her posts feature a range of awesome delicious treats and meals and are definitely worth following to stay up to date on the latest foods!

@kasiasplate gave us an amazing glowing review and customised her cake in a way that we have never seen before....IN A BOWL!!! Check out our next post for the down low!

Cake in a Bowl?!

Madness surely?

Not according to @kasiasplate who put together this amazing Funfetti Cake in a Mug Mix (in a bowl.....). Here is what Kasia had to say about the experience:

"So confession time: this is in a bowl as my first attempt of each flavour exploded in my mug (still tasted amazing and definitely wasn't wasted, though). I swear my kitchen equipment is so temperamental 😅

However, this meant I could load it up with even more things! This one is the funfetti mix (yes, sprinkles are included in the pack). I just added some raspberry jam in the centre and squirty vegan cream/vegan white choccie buttons on top. It was delish!

The base of the cake is vanilla so was really easy to add to without distracting from the mug cake itself. This one ended up like a jam sponge 😍"

Kasis' Poem

Cake in a bowl

It won't make you swole

But i'll be damned if it don't make you whole

Thank you Kasia

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