Review: Katie Heyes Tastes her first Cake in a Mug!

We 'met' Katie a few weeks back on Instagram (as you do nowadays), and we hit it off straight away. Ok fair enough we do make Cake, it's hard not to strike up a whimsical conversation when you literally make happiness for people!

But Katie is a really wonderful person and it has been great connecting with her. In a time when we are all so far apart from one and other, it is refreshing and comforting that we are still forming relationships and meeting new people as a society.

An accomplished musician and Food Blogger/Self Professed "Experienced carrot cake enthusiast" Katie's feed is chock-full of amazing treats and sweets (I think I gained 10 kg just scrolling her feed last night!), and is definitely worth a follow!

So head on over to her page @katie.heyes right now and check out her review of our Brownie Cake in a Mug!

*SPOILER ALERT* @katie.heyes spin on our Brownie Cake in a Mug will induce salivation.....bring a napkin

We deeply thank @katie.heyes for the very kind words that follow:

"I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never had a mug cake before🤦🏼‍♀️ These @simplymixuk brownie mug cakes are going to be hard to beat! The brownie mug cake was delicious, it had a wonderfully rich chocolate flavour and had was SO good warm😅 Simply Mix also encourages you to be creative & customise your mug cake. I added raspberry and white chocolate to mine and it worked perfectly!"

Check out the rest of the review on @katie.heyes page right now!

One time there was a cake in a mug

Along came Katie, who opened the box with a tug

She poured and she mixed

She until her batter was fixed

After which she added Raspberry and White Chocolate and I got distracted by how yummy it looks!

Go check it out on her page right now - @katie.heyes you know you want to!

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