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Wooooooweeeeeee (as Mr Poopybutthole would say), we have another appreciation post today!

Not even remotely kidding when I say that these posts fill me with so much joy and happiness. It feels incredible to see people take what we have created and make it their own and @lifeofcoeliac is no different.

Katie added Jaffa Cakes and Chocolate Crispies to her Brownie Cake in a Mug Mix, a melange that I could only wish to indulge in (does anyone know where to get VGF Jaffa Cakes?!).

Make sure you follow Katie - @lifeofcoeliac to keep up with her Coeliac life and Dairy Free Partner!

So what do we have to say about the lovely Katie - @lifeofcoeliac? Well she has a mouthwatering feed with all sorts of comforting and healthy recipes. But what really drew us to Katie is her passion and enthusiasm for Gluten Free Baking.

Society views our diets as 'alternative' and boring. What they fail to understand is that we stand on a new frontier of food. A revolution that will bring new and varied ingredients to our diets, a revolution that will normalise our diets. It will be people like Kaite - @lifeofcoeliac who lead the charge and show us the way with their unwavering passion.

So you'd best be following @lifeofcoeliac to ready yourself for the revolution!

I think that is enough words from me for one day, so I will let Katie - @lifeofcoeliac take over: "....These cakes in a mug are a perfect little treat with no fuss!!! They are not just gluten free, but also vegan💛

This is lush because it shows there is treat options for us all, and they even say coeliac friendly, which gives me such confidence with their mixes!!!!


You could simply have them on their own or add bits to them 💫 I added jaffa cakes and chocolate crispies to mine!!!"

A massive thank you to @lifeofcoeliac for the wonderful review and we cannot wait to see what Kaite makes next with our Mixes!

Get yours at the link in our bio!

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