Review: @proteinmunchies busts out the FODMAP on our Cake in a Mug

Woo what a Bank Holiday Weekend that was! There might not have been a Carnival, but there was one heck of a party at Simply Mix HQ when we saw @proteinmunchies aka Raveena's epic Brownie Cake in a Mug Creation!

Raveena topped her Cake in a Mug with Vanilla Ice cream (Vegan of course!), Chocolate Sauce (also Vegan) and a Coconut Bliss Ball to top it off!

It looks so classy and dignified! Eeeeeeeee!!!!! (yeah that's the sound a dignified cake makes.....)

As you might have managed to tell by now, ya boy is very excited by this cake!

We met Raveena through a mutual Simply Mixer and hit it off straight away! Raveena's page is full of Low Cal, Low FODMAP recipes and meal inspirations!

I for one find it so interesting how people who do not adhere to traditional diets have so much in common and carry such a similar vibe.

As a Vegan I felt that our Coeliac and dietary restricted cousins might not see eye to eye with us. But I am delighted by how wrong I was. If anything I now see a future filled with hope. In which our alternative diets bring us together and make our cause stronger than ever.

We all understand that the current food system is broken

We all appreciate and understand that brilliant alternatives are out there/can be developed if there is enough interest in them

We all know how it feels to be misled by rubbish labelling

We love you all

Bring on the bliss

nestled in its ice cream tower

A top a Cake

made with gluten free flour

This is the one

It has the power

To change perceptions

and to usher in a Vegan Gluten Free Hour

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