Review: @sbefoodie tucks into Vegan Gluten Free Brownie Cake in a Mug

Sophie is one of the latest additions to the Simply Mix family! She is a local Londoner just like us and really, and all around lovely person!

She did such a great job customising her Brownie Cake in a Mug and we are so excited to be sharing it with you lot!

Expect to see a lot more from @sbefoodie on our page in the coming weeks and months!

**MIND BLOWN** my goodness this is so beautiful! You guys already know we are crazy cat people at Simply Mix Hq and this mug is epic! We really need to start making Cat themed Simply Mix merch!

Anyway here is what the lovely @sbefoodie had to say about our Brownie Cake in a Mug: "This was super tasty, if you swipe you see what it looks like before I added my additional toppings on and the last photo in once mixed together a little (a bit messy but yummy) Super easy to make, just combine the two ingredients together and mix until smooth in the cup and place in the microwave for 1:40 secs and viola you have a cake!

Also all their products are gluten free and vegan so you’ll all love them! Quick, easy and super tasty!

I topped my mug cake with some more chocolate chips, frozen raspberries and blueberries and a dollop of salted caramel ice cream. Super delicious!

Also if you do want to get your hands on these I do have a discount code which is SOPHIE30 which will get you 30% off your purchase, so go go go, what are you waiting for??!"

Sophie you trophy

You customised this cake

and turned it into an accomplished bake

And now your baking skill we rate!

We know there is nothing you can make that we would hate

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