Review: @simaagf makes freak shake inspired Simply Mix Cake in a Mug

Over the last few week's we have been chatting with the lovely Sima. It is so lovely to get to know our epic Simply Mixers and even more so when they are as groovy as Sima!

Her insta posts are to die for! Proper #glutenfreefoodporn

Make sure you follow @simaafg for more Cake in a Mug inspiration and epic GF food inspo!

While waxing lyrical, we talked about our ambitions as a company, and much like us, Sima feels the need for a Vegan Gluten Free company that customers can trust and confide in.

A warm, safe place for all us that suffer from the tyranny of cross contamination.

We want @simplymixuk to be that place, so if you have any ideas on what we can do to be as open, inviting and trustworthy as possible, comment down below!

A little while ago we sent @simaagf a Funfetti and a Brownie Cake in a Mug Mix to try out. Not long later she has come back with these two insane creations!

Sima turned the Funfetti Cake in a Mug into a summer loving Viki Sponge with Whipped cream, fresh strawberries and our Funfetti Sprinkles. And the Brownie Cake in a Mug has been turned into what Sima aptly calls a 'Freak Shake' and my goodness it is freaky!

She added chocolate syrup to the batter and topped the cake with vegan vanilla ice cream and a GF MILLIONAIRE SHORTBREAD GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAAHAHAH

help me before my brain melts!

So much deliciousness check out @simaagf for more!

And finally we have our personal dedication to the wonderful @simaagf

Sima sima

your living the dream-a

You make Cake in a Mug

Look like heaven above

So we want you to know

You'll always have our love


Laurent & Val

Follow @simaagf for epic GF food inspo!

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