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Look at the kitty puuurrrr!

Cat PUN!!!!!!

Sit down and kick off your Sunday shoes for today we are hanging out with @sustainably_erin and her delicious Cake in a Mug Creation!

Sunday is a day to kick back and relax, no big efforts are encouraged. And that is exactly why we wanted to share Erin's Cake in a Mug today because it is the perfect low-key Cake in a Mug, meant for Sundays!

Erin topped her Brownie Cake in a Mug with some Biscoff Spread, White Chocolate Buttons and Marshmallows! Such a yummy and simple concoction that barely adds any cook time! Now lets get Laaazzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

As always we put a lot of thought into the collaborations and relationships we make. @sustainably_erin was a natural choice for us. From her passion for Sustainability to her love of animals (she is a fellow Vegan!) Erin very much aligns with our values and ethics, and we are so delighted to have her in the Simply Mix Family!

For Vegan meal inspo and New product discovery make sure you give Erin a follow @sustainably_erin

@sustainably_erin: "So impressed with these super easy mug cakes from @simplymixuk ! They come in two different flavours (chocolate brownie and funfetti) to make and decorate at home yourself! These are so perfect for when you just fancy a sweet treat! I went a bit wild with the toppings and used biscoff spread, white chocolate buttons, and some marshmallows! Which flavour would you go for?"

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