Review: @thenourishingmedic sent us #cakenudes!

We crossed paths with Eva aka @thenourishingmedic at the beginning of August. She had such an awesome enthusiasm for all things Vegan and Gluten free, that we simply had to send her some Cake in a Mug to see what she would do with it!

Suffice to say we were completely blown away! Eva is the first person to actually take her Cake out of her Mug and dress it up like a real cake! An inspired effort, and we are so grateful to receive our very first #cakenude!

Make sure to follow @thenourishingmedic for brilliant Vegan, Gluten Free and Student Friendly Recipes!

Ahhh we love @thenourishingmedic so much! This review is amazing! Check it out -

@thenourishingmedic: ".....All you had to do was combine the ingredients in the kit, and microwave for a couple of minutes and voila! Couldn’t be simpler!

I went all out and decorated mine with even more sprinkles and some Haribos - safe to say I was on the biggest sugar rush after!"

Eva (@thenourishingmedic), this poem is for you.

Quick, call the Doctor!

I think I need some cake!

"What on earth is this?" says the Doctor

Do you feel the need to bake?

Well not quite you see

For i am lazy and free

So i'll have Cake in a Mug

and see how i'll be.......

Doctor: *FACE PALM*

PS Cake is not a substitute for a balanced diet #snackresponsibly

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