Sharing is Caring: How to Share Your Cake in a Mug

While many of us do enjoy a good solo cake binging session, there is nothing like sharing an indulgent moment. Be it your SO, BFF4LYF or Family, it is undeniable that a moment shared is indeed a moment treasured.

And when we were creating our secret Cake in a Mug recipe, we were sure to make it a shareable size.

So no matter who starts hovering around your Cake in a Mug, you'll have enough to share ;)

Now, how you share your Cake in a Mug, that is a totally different thing.

There are several ways to share your Cake in a Mug, your choice will probably depend on if you are an Introverted or Extroverted Cake Eater.

An Introverted Cake Eater will typically prefer the 'Half & Half' methodology of Cake Sharing. In this way the couple takes turns, each one eats half of the cake at one time, ensuring everybody gets their fill of gooey Vegan Gluten Free goodness!

However, an Extroverted Cake Eater will usually choose the Free For All methodology. This example of Cake Sharing pits the couple against one and other in an epic fight for the last bite. Spoons cross, looks of derision are shared and the simple act of eating a Cake in a Mug turns into an Olympic sport.

What kind of Cake Eater are you?

Now while sharing a Cake in a Mug does indeed mean you won't be taking on the full caloric value of the Cake. It is still important that we talk about what is inside our Cakes!

So to begin with we do not use any sort of Artificial Flavours or Colours or Preservatives. That would be nasty. Our ingredient label is nice and short and has none of those pesky E numbers. We're off to a good start here ;)

The 'not so great' news is our Fat and Sugar content. Starting with the Sugar (21.4g per 100g), it isn't the worst (it sits just under the threshold of 'High Sugar Content') but Sugar is still Sugar and if you stuff your face too much it won't end well.

As for the Fat, it is a tale of two parts. First the nasty Saturated Fat (1.8g per 100g), now this is actually pretty good and sits just a little above the Low Sat Fat category. However, our Unsaturated Fats sit a fair bit higher at 11.6g per 100g, which is a fair bit closer to the High Fat category than the Low Fat category.

So you have been warned and informed my dear Simply Mixers.

Just because it is AMAZING to share a delicious decadent Cake in a Mug with someone close to you. Doesn't mean that you shouldn't be looking out for your health........that way you can eat more Cake in a Mug............

Cake is for sharing

Or at least so we say

There are some

who are greedy

And say "No Cake Today!"

But no matter your feelings

About sharing or not

Just make sure you let your Cake in a Mug rest

Otherwise, it'll be too hot

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