Simply Mix Instant Cake in a Mug: Bringing Comfort in Our Time of Need

The times we find ourselves in right now are most definitely trying. If we aren't already doing our best not to contract this virus, we are struggling to find food. It is a truly global situation that effects us all.

In the midst of the current crisis Vegans and Coeliacs have been left stranded on high ground, with our Omnivore counterparts deciamting even our food supplies. As such we at Simply Mix decided that something had to be done to try and support our communities through this tough time.

In response to the crisis we have lowered our prices, kept our FREE UK SHIPPING and have just lauched our Local No Contact Delivery Service. In addition to this we are also offering a 30% discount to all NHS and Emergency Staff who are putting their lives on the line to save us all!

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Why would we do this? Well it's simple. We love our customers and we believe that no matter how dire the situation everyone desrves to stop for a (brief) moment and tuck into some warm, comforting cake.

As many of you know, our Cake in a Mug can be enjoyed in less than 2 mins, making it perfect for a quick snack, while keeping mess and prep time to a bare minimum.

This makes our Cake in a Mug ideal for key workers who are rushed of their feet, parents who need a quick break from the stresses of home schooling and of course, little ones who would otherwise terrorise the kitchen with a cloud of flour and sugar!

There has never been a better time to try our Cake in a Mug if you haven't already, so hit the link below and take a look at our shop and we hope to be delivering your cake, very soon!

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