Simply Mix Debuts at The Kensal Store

Well today truly is an exciting day for us here at Simply Mix. We have officially started selling our Cake in a Mug Mixes at The Kensal Store in #kensalrise!

If you are new to Simply Mix then let me introduce ourselves. My name is Laurent and I run the company along with my brilliant pastry chef partner Valerie. Our vision was to make Vegan Gluten Free Baking as simple, tasty and painless as possible!

After much deliberating we settled on our Cake in a Mug. It takes less than 2 minutes to make and leaves no mess behind (the packaging is even 100% recyclable 😉).

Making our cake perfect for a quiet moment away from the kids or even a fun memory for the kids, baking their first cakes!

This is the very first physical store that

stocks our Cake in a Mug and as you can imagine this is a day that we have been waiting a long time for!

Since the inception of Simply Mix we have dreamed of the day we will see our Cake Mixes in stores and I must say the reality of it is much more overwhelming than I ever anticipated it to be.

Especially that I (Laurent) am a lifetime Kensal Local. I worked at the pub across the road, the cafe next door and even spent a good few years teaching guitar to all the kids in the neighbourhood 😀 but today I complete my Kensal Bingo card with the sweet taste of my cakes in our local store!

So if you are in the West London area (or better yet in Kensal Rise, Willesden Green or nearby) get yourself down to The Kensal Store and grab yourself a pack before they run out!

The Kensal Store -

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