Sunday Funday Cake in a Mug

Ittsss Sunday! Time to relax people! And what could be more relaxing than Cake in a Mug?

If you ask me making a fancy Cake in a Mug is the best Sunday activity. Minimal clean up and maximum chilled out fun!

What kind of cake do you make on Sunday?

Ahhh yeeeaaaah look at these beauties! From left to right we have:

- White Chocolate Shards Brownie

- VGF Oreo Funfetti

- VGF Shortbread, Jam and White Chocolate Funfetti 'Freak Cake'

- @lazyday millionaire and @rhythm108 Hazelnut Truffle Brownie

Now that is what I call a crew!

Cake in a Mug

It's more addictive than a drug

and feels much more like a hug

and can be eaten on a rug

but one should consider the bug

can he, could he, would he shrug

not if he had a Cake in a Mug.....

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