THIS WEEK | LDN Vegans due to test Simply Mix | Cake in a Mug

Ah it is the start to a brand new week (and month)! So as we say our goodbyes to Veganuary, we welcome the month of Luuurve, Febuary! So why not grab a few packs for yourself and your significant other and let your love be warmed by our decadent Cake in a Mug!

PS if your siginificant other happens to be yourself it's ok, cake will help any which way ;)

But moving on to what we actually wanted to dicuss today, and that is that the lovely London Vegans (Polly & Phil) will be trying out epic Cake in a Mug, on camera, this week!

It is of such great excitement to us we wanted to share an extra discout code seeing as Veganuary is over.

Keep scrolling to find it ;)

Subscribe to the wonderful LDN Vegans to see their full review of our Cake in a Mug -

Get yourself 20% off your order with OFFER CODE: LOVECAKE

Til next time

Laurent & Val

Simply Mix

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