Vegan Influencer Cath Kendall Gets Cozy with Cake in a Mug

Valerie and myself have been longtime followers of Cath Kendall (@cathkendall), and when she kindly agreed to review our Cake, we were over the moon! So if you are yet to get yourself a taste of our decadent Cake in a Mug, have a look at what Cath had to say.

We really couldn't have asked for a kinder review, and it got quite a lot of you excited to try our Cake in a Mug!

Cath also posted an excellent video showing what the cake looks like in real life! Check it out!

So if you are still deliberating whether or not to get your first taste of Simply Mix, then i think you'd better head on over to our store and get yourself one!

Store -

Thanks for stopping by! More content is coming very soon to this Blog, including some awesome recipes to take your Cake in a Mug to new #foodporn heights!

Laurent & Valerie

Simply Mix

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