Happy International #pancakeday everyone!! Who doesn't love a good stack?

Today we're super excited to bring you our very own BROWNIE #pancakerecipe made with our Cake In A Mug Mixes!

Who wants some?!

Pictured up our brownie pancakes made from our cake in a mug mixes

Did you know you can #create drool worthy #messfree pancakes with our Cake In A Mug mixes? ⁠

These brownie pancakes are THE BEST YOU WILL EVER HAVE!!

Super fluffy, decadently chocolatey, dairy free, gluten free and nut free!!⁠

Now that's a stack I'll dig into!

To prepare your Brownie Pancakes will need:⁠

🥞2 Simply Mix Brownie #cakinamug mixes⁠

🥞2 Packs Simply Mix #chocolatechips (melted) ⁠

🥞Fresh Blueberries ⁠


Grab your mug cake mixes and whisk them in a bowl until smooth, butter up your pan and start flipping these babies!⁠

Stack 'em all up meanwhile melting your chocolate chips in the microwave.⁠

Drizzle that sauce all over and enjoy!😋⁠

Simply Mix,⁠

No Tricks, Just mix⁠

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